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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Scroll down on the Home Page 
  2. Click on "Download Newsletters" or "Click here to download Newsletter"
  3. From the Newsletter page, scroll through the newsletters, click "download" at the top right corner of a desired newsletter.
  4. The Newsletter automatically downloads after Step 3.

  1. Click on "CBT Practice"from the Home Page
  2. Enter your "Registration Number" in the "enter Username Box"
  3. Click on "Sign In" 
  4. From the Student Panel, Select the Exam you want to practice e.g( WAEC or UTME)
  5. Select Desired Subject  to be practiced from "Subject Box
  6. Input how many questions wished for practice e.g ( 10,20 e.t.c) 
  7. Select "How many minutes do you want to practice" from the time box (e.g. 5min)
  8. Click on "Start Exam"
  9. Answer each question by selecting your desired option and click on next 
  10. To review your progress, Click on Review.
  11. At the end of the test, click on the "End" Button
  12. A question :("Are you sure you want to End Examination. Do you want to proceed?") will pop to confirm you really want to end the exam
  13. If YES  Click on "OK"  to end the CBT.(The Result will be displayed immediately)
  14. To take another exam, click on "RETRY"


  1. Click on  "Assignments" from the Home page 
  2. From the "Assignments" Page , check for your Class
  3. Click on the "Download" button on the desired Class row 
  4. The assignment automatically downloads after Step 3. 


  1.  Click on "Confirmreg"  from the Home Page 
  2.  Select Session from the Session box (e.g 2017/2018)
  3.  Select Class from the Class box (e.g JSS 1X OR JSS3C)      ( A full list of the Students in the selected class against their Registration Number Appears) 
  4.  Check through the list for your name and Registration number for confirmation.
  5.  If there is any other problem as regards confirmation of REG NUMBER, please Chat our support for the home page.